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Do you have a plan to buy a watch winder Australia soon? Just like buying a watch, buying a watch winder indeed should be based on personal preference and taste. However, there are still some details to consider. This way, your automatic watches can be really working, durable, and looking good in them. So, what are the details?

The Program Setting

You can say that the program setting is the most important aspect of a watch winder. A winder commonly has some options, they are starting from 650 to 1800 rotations per day. The more options it has, it is getting better as you can set it up better based on the watch condition.

The Material Quality

A watch winder is more than just the winder itself. The winder is covered by a box so that it also functions as storage to the automatic watch. Before buying the product, make sure to learn about the materials entirely.

The box can be made from a combination of wooden pieces and acrylic. Some other products may be more expensive as they are made from anti-scratch glasses. No matter what kind of box to choose in the end, make sure that it will be durable and able to protect the watch well.

The Watch Position Inside the Winder Box

Ideally, the automatic watch must be in a vertical position inside the winder box. Besides, it must be placed on the roller. Why should it be vertical? It is to make sure that the gravity is optimized in every rotation.

The Pad and Holder

The pad must be soft enough to protect the watch as well as it doesn’t stretch the belt of the watch. The pad must also be made from high-quality material to prevent the growth of fungi and the likes. Meanwhile, it is recommended also to choose a product from the spring holder to hold the watch well in its place.

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