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How to treat your watch winder safe? Not only your watches that need special treatments, but also the box to save it. If the safe box is maintained and treated well the watches inside will also be more durable and not easily damaged. More ever, it is if the safe is used to place luxury and branded watches. So, how should the treatments of the winder box be? You can follow some tips below.

Wash It

Yes, you need to wash the watch winder safe regularly no matter what it is made from. You should worry. Even if the box is made from wood, it commonly has been layered with a substance like a varnish. This way, it cannot be easily weathered by the water. Use a small and smooth rug to do that. Soak the rub into soap water and rub the box gently with it. Before washing, make sure you have taken out the content including the watches and the clothes inside. If there is stain or dirt attached to it, you can rub it a little bit harder. But of course, you must still do it carefully.

Rinse It

Prepare another rug or cloth that is dry and clean. After the box has been washed thoroughly rinse it with clean water. It is better if the water is also warm to avoid the outer layer of the box peeling off. Next, use the dry right to dry the box. It depends on the type of your box. For non-wooden materials, after drying it, you don’t need to put it under sunlight to make it completely dry.

Place it at the right temperature

So that all the watches inside are durable and not moist, you need to place them at the right temperature. Pay attention also to the drawer and storage to place the box along with watches. Yes, you must keep watch winder safe cleanliness also for the sake of your watch’s durability.

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